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Universal Push Informer Lite

4.0 ( 80 ratings )
Obchod Nástroje
Vývojář: Dmitry Senashenko
1.99 USD

By this application you can get a lot of telephony events from your corporate Avaya Aura PBX . Are supported Unified Communications events, Call Center events, Security events, Monitoring events.
You can get Push Notification about loosing of calls, calls to voice mail, calls from door system, exceed of thresholds EWT and queue of Contact Center, unacceptable events, attempts of hack, malicious calls, shutdown of equipment, hospital events, malicious phrases at e-mails to Contact Center and so one.
Universal interface can create your own notification about a lot of another business, network, security and telecommunication events.
You can get it when you are everywhere. The application can be dropped from memory but you will get your events at any case.
Server side needs Avaya Aura Experience Portal 7.1. All needed applications are free available on support site.
Server needs just outgoing access to Internet.